From Stanislavsky to Demidov

Introduction by Andrei Malaev-Babel


will take place in the science community of Pushchino, near Moscow, from June 27 to July 24, 2018

The International Demidov Summer School was organized in July 2017, in answer to the growing interest, in Russia and abroad, toward the creative heritage of Nikolai Demidov (1884-1953). An outstanding Russian theater teacher, Demidov was one of the closest associates of Konstantin Stanislavsky; Demidov’s own unique method originated more than 70 years ago in the depths of the Stanislavsky System. The Second International Demidov Summer School is a new step forward in creating an annual intensive, dedicated to the Demidov Organic Inner Technique. At the Summer School, theatre professionals and students from Russia and from the West, train alongside each other. In contrast to modern theatrical and cinematic trends, those based on spectacle and special effects, the Demidov School gives preference to the creative individuality of the artist. Today, the Demidov inner technique is a practical key toward resurrection and further development of the rich Russian psychological theater tradition.

The essence of the Demidov technique is rooted in the culture of creative freedom. The Demidov School teaches actors how to listen to their own creative individuality, while following artistic instincts. The Demidov internal technique cleanses the channels of actors’ perception, stimulating an unhindered flow of subconscious creativity. The “Demidov etudes” foster actors’ spontaneity and emotional responsivity. They develop a performer’s readiness to surrender to the given circumstances, and to fully immerse in character

The Demidov School cultivates a habit of independent creativity, both in acting homework, and in rehearsals. It trains the actor who can become an equal collaborator to the director, and co-creator of the performance. read more...

Veniamin Filshtinsky
(teaching will be conducted in Russian)
Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, winner of the International Stanislavsky Award and of the Tsaryov Prize, Professor and Head of the Acting Program at St. Petersburg Russian State Institute of the Performing Arts, chairman of the Theater Teachers’ Council (of the Russian Theatre Union), artistic director of the St. Petersburg Etude-Theater, author of Open Pedagogy, Open Pedagogy – 2, and other books.
Veniamin Filshtinsky has made a significant contribution to promoting Demidov in Russia, thus ensuring that his heritage receives the attention and study it deserves. At the Demidov Summer School, Professor Filshtinsky will teach classes in Stanislavsky technique, in its contemporary practical application, thus justifying Demidov’s own confession that “... his new school has been born in the depth of the ‘Stanislavsky System,’ and has developed as its natural and inevitable extension”.
Veniamin Filshtinsky brought Stanislavsky’s heritage to faculty and students at leading theatre schools in Poland, Romania, USA, Spain and Finland.

Andrei Malaev-Babel
Andrei Malaev-Babel will teach a course dedicated to the Demidov School.
His experience: Professor of Florida State University (FSU) and of New College of Florida, the Head of Acting for the FSU/Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training, winner of the Coordination Council of Russian Compatriots' (KSORS) Award in the nomination “For Special Contribution to the Advancement of Popular Diplomacy", member of the Board of Directors of the Michael Chekhov Association (New York), member of the Stanislavsky Centre’s Advisory Committee (UK), member of “Arti Dello Spettacolo-Performing Arts” journal’s Scientific Council (Italy), nominee for the Helen Hayes Award (Washington, D.C.), author and editor of books and journal articles on the masters of Russian Theater: Nikolai Demidov, Yevgeny Vakhtangov, Michael Chekhov and Alexandra Remizova.

First session: June 27 - July 6. Second session: 15 June – 24 July.
Class hours: 10am – 2pm and 4pm – 8 pm. Lunch break: 2 – 4 pm.

Classes will be conducted in English.

During the interval between the 2 sessions (July 7-14), the Demidov Summer School will offer touring and sightseeing opportunities for interested participants, featuring historically and culturally significant sites of the Moscow region.

Touring is not included in tuition fees.


The English-speaking group of participants is formed for actors read more...

Application form
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2. Age 15-25
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3. Country
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10. Which session are you interested in? I
I and II
11. Which master-teacher would you like to train with? Veniamin Filshtinsky (teaching will be conducted in Russian, without translation)
Andrei Malaev-Babel (classes for the international group will be conducted in English)
Andrei Malaev-Babel (classes for the international group will be conducted in English) (both session) Veniamin Filshtinsky and Andrei Malaev-Babel (this option is only available for those foreign participants who are fluent in Russian, and chose to train during both sessions))
12. Accommodation Hotel, upgraded room (two single beds): $50/night, including breakfast; $70/night, including breakfast, lunch and dinner
Hotel Suite, tier II (two rooms; two single beds and one sleeper sofa): $65/night, including breakfast; $75/night, including breakfast, lunch and dinner
Hotel Suite, tier I (two rooms; one double bed and one sleeper sofa): $85/night, including breakfast; $100/night, including breakfast, lunch and dinner
13. Meals Institute café: $15/day (including breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Hotel café (see Accommodations for details)
14. Do you need help in applying for a Russian visa? Yes

I agree to the processing of my personal data

Tuition fees:

Students – USD 600.

Teachers and professionals – USD 1000.

(Two sessions) Students – USD 1000.

(Two sessions) Teachers and professionals – USD 1600.



We are happy to answer all of your questions.

Sightseeing days are optional, and fees are separate.

Lev Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana" Estate

+Historic City of Tula (Tula Kremlin & Armory)

Russian Artist Vasily Polenov
Country Estate and Museum

Anton Chekhov ‘Melikhovo’
Country Estate and Museum

Historic Town of Tarusa:
Russian Poet Marina Tsvetaeva

‘Prioksko-Terrasny’ Nature Reserve

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